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Whilst still at school Mr Frank Poole worked at Leech & Sons evenings & weekends. From then on he worked there full time as a trainee. Wanting to be further educated in the craft, Frank joined Holland & Holland until he was called up. On his return to New Bond Street he became in charge of the workshops.

Years later Holland & Holland joined another company, the shop was based in Bruton street and Frank joined the factory. Many years later he returned to Leech & Sons in Tindal Street, Chelmsford.

David Poole joined his father later on after training with an engineering company as a fully trained apprentice where he also became apprentice of the year. David spent 10 years in the terrortorial army as the armourer and came back to Leech & Sons to work with his father. It may surprise you to know that Frank knew and spent time with the last Mr Leech and Mr Holland.

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